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Vheissu: about Thomas Pynchon´s works

Vheissu is another site about the works of Thomas Pynchon (Long Island, 1937), author of complex, dense and dark (and funny!) novels. Apart from offering articles about his works -some 150 pages in print, this site focuses on the secondary literature on Pynchon, lists extended table of contents, offers a section-by-section reading of Against the Day, and is working on an integrated index for Pynchon's works (Against the Day done, and Gravity's Rainbow as indexed in Pynchon Notes, with some minor adjustments).

He started telling her about Vheissu. How it was reached, on camel-back over a vast tundra, past the dolmens and temples of dead cities; finally to the banks of a broad river which never sees the sun, so thickly roofed it is with foliage. The river is travelled in long teak boats which are carved like dragons and paddled by brown men whose language is unknown to all but themselves. In eight days' time there's a portage over a neck of treacherous swampland to a green lake, and across the lake rise the first foothills of the mountains which ring Vheissu. Native guides will only go a short distance into these mountains. Soon they will turn back, pointing out the way. Depending on the weather, it is one to two more weeks over moraine, sheer granite and hard blue ice before the borders of Vheissu are reached.

Thomas Pynchon, V., (1963): pp. 168-169.

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