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An Index to Thomas Pynchon's Against the Day

Three. Bilocations

Chapter 41

Section 1 (568-573)

Paul Nightingale reading Section 41.1

Dally might have explained it if somebody had insisted -the Chicago Fair was a long time ago, but she had kept a memory or two of silent boats on canals, something began to stir as the vaporetto made its way from the train station down the Grand Canal, until, just at sunset, getting to the San Marco end, and there was the pure Venetian evening, the blue-green shadows, the lavenders, ultramarines, siennas, and umbers of the sky and the light-bearing air she was breathing, the astonishing momentum of the everyday twilight, gas-lanterns coming on in the Piazetta, San Giorgio across the water lit pale as angels, distant as heaven and yet seeming only a step, as if her breath, her yearning, could reach across to it and touch- she was certain for the first time in a life on the roll that whatever "home" had meant, this was older than memory, than the story she thought she knew.

Against the Day, p. 568