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An Index to Thomas Pynchon's Against the Day

Three. Bilocations

Chapter 40

Section 2 (559-559)

Paul Nightingale reading Section 40.2

Whenever Kit found himself considering his plans, which he had once not long ago believed to include Göttingen, there was always the interesting question of why he should be lingering in this vaguely grandular shape on the map, beleaguered, paused at the edge of history, less a nation than a prophecy of a fate to be communally suffered, an all but sub-audible ostinato of fear...

Against the Day, p. 559

40.2: 559 (this sorceress of the -) Direction | Planet Earth
40.2: 559 City/Around the World | Germany
40.2: 559 Characters | The Traverse Family
40.2: 559 Language/Dictionary | Italian
40.2: 559 (- ostinato of fear) Orthography Language/Dictionary | Word Clusters
40.2: 559 Characters | Quaternions