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An Index to Thomas Pynchon's Works

This integrated index contains items from Against the Day (first US hardcover edition, 2006; we used ISBN10 1-59420-120-X); and items from Gravity's Rainbow (Vintage UK edition, which follows the original 1973 Jonathan Cape pagination -ISBN10 0-09-953321-9 ). Most of the items for Gravity's Rainbow are those that have been indexed by Bernard Duyfhuizen, Clay Leighton and Khachig Tölölyan, in "An Index to Gravity's Rainbow, 2nd edition" as published in Pynchon Notes: The Index Issue 36-39 (Spring - Fall 1995-1996): 83-138. The Pynchon Notes editors and authors of this Index gave their kind permission to re-publish the Index "in an easily accessible spot" on June, 29th, 2015.

We have indexed 15102 items with 28484 concordances. This is a bit too much to publish on one page, as you may have noticed when opening this one. Some features have been added in order to use this Index in more friendly way: