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Gravity's Rainbow

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Part Four. The Counterforce (617-760)

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-Richard. M. Nixon

Episode 1: Bette Davis and Margaret Dumont are in the curly-Cuvilliés drawing-room of somebody's palatial home. (619-626)

Episode 2: Double-declutchingly, heel-and-toe, away goes Roger Mexico. (626-640)

Episode 3: These pine limbs, crackling so blue and watery, don't seem to put out any heat at all. (640-655)

Episode 4: She comes riding into town on a stolen bicycle: a white kerchief at her crown, fluttering behind in points, a distinguished emissary from a drained and captured land, herself full of ancient title, but nothing in the way of usable power, not even a fantasy of it. (656-663)

Episode 5: You will want cause and effect. (663-673)

Episode 6: Unexpectedly, this country is pleasant, yes, once inside it, quite pleasant after all. (674-700)

Episode 7: Meantime, Tchitcherine has found it necessary to abandon his smegma-gathering stake-out on the Argentine anarchists. (700-706)

Episode 8:

The dearest nation of all is one that will survive no longer than you and I, a common movement at the mercy of death and time; the ad hoc adventure.
-Resolutions of the Gross Suckling Conference.

Episode 9: In her pack, Geli Tripping brings along a few of Tchitcherine's toenail clippings, a graying hair, a piece of bedsheet with a trace of his sperm, all tied in a white silk kerchief, next to a bit of Adam and Eve root and a loaf of bread baked from wheat she has rolled naked in and ground against the sun. (717-724)

Episode 10: Here's Enzian ramrodding his brand-new rocket through the night (724-733)

Episode 11: It's a bridge over a stream. (733-735)

Episode 12: By now the City is grown so tall that elevators are long-haul affairs, with lounges inside: padded seats and benches, snack bars, newsstands where you can browse through, a whole issue of Life between stops. (735-760)