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Gravity's Rainbow

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Part Three. In the Zone (279-616)

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Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Kansas any more.
- Dorothy, arriving in Oz.

Episode 1: We are safely past the days of the Eis-Heiligen -St. Pancratius, St. Servatius, St. Bonifacius, die kalte Sophie ... they hover in clouds above the vineyards, holy beings of ice, ready with a breath, an intention, to ruin the year with frost and cold. (281-295)

Episode 2: It's a Sunday funnies dawn, very blue sky with gaudy pink clouds in it. (295-314)

Episode 3: In the days when the white engineers were disputing the attributes of the feeder system that was to be, one of them came to Enzian of Bleicheroede and said, "We cannot agree on the chamber pressure. (314-329)

Episode 4: Just before dawn. (329-336)

Episode 5: The Zone is in full summer: souls are found quiescent behind the pieces of wall, fast asleep down curled in shell-craters, out screwing under the culverts with gray shirttails hoisted, adrift dreaming in the middles of fields. (336-359)

Episode 6: Last week, in the British sector someplace, Slothrop, habing been asshole enough to drink out of an ornamental pond in the Tiergarten, took sick (359-371)

Episode 7: Saure to and fro, bloodshot and nagging, with a wreathing pot of tea. (371-383)

Episode 8: A soft night, smeared full of golden stars, the kind of night back on the pampas that Leopoldo Lugones liked to write about. (383-390)

Episode 9: Under a tall willow tree beside the canal, in a jeep, in the shade, sit Tchitcherine and his driver Dzabajev, a teenage Kazakh dope fiend with pimples and a permanently surly look, who combs his hair like the American crooner Frank Sinatra, and who is, at the moment, frowning at a slice of hashish and tellin Tchitcherine, "Well, you should have taken more than this, you know." (390-392)

Episode 10: Slothrop comes to in episodes that fade in and out of deep, measured and serene changes in Russian, hands at his pulse, the broad green back of someone leaving the room. ... (392-397)

Episode 11: ... yes bitch -yes, little bitch- poor helpless bitch you're coming can't stop yourself now I'll whip you again whip till you bleed... (397-433)

Episode 12: Back to Berlin, with a terrrific thunderstorm blowing over the city. (433-447)

Episode 13: When emptied of people, the interior is steel gray. (448-456)

Episode 14: They have set out by barge along the Spree-Oder Canal, headed at last to Swinemuende, Slothrop to see what Geli Tripping's clew will lead him to in the way of a Schwarzgeraet, Margherita to rendezvous with a yachtful of refugees from the Lublin regime, among whom ought to be her daughter Bianca. (457-468)

Episode 15: Slothrop here's been dreaming about Llandudno, where he spent a rainy furlough once drinking in bed with a tug skipper's daughter. (468-472)

Episode 16: Halfway up the ladder, Slothrop is startled by a bright set of teeth, beaming out of a hatchway. (473-482)

Episode 17: It was always easy for men to come and tell her who to be. (482-488)

Episode 18: Up on the bridge of the Anubis, the storm paws loudly on the glass, great wet flippers falling at random in out of the night whap! the living shape visible just for the rainbow edge of the sound -it it takes a certain kind of maniac, at least a Polish cavalry officer, to stand in this pose behind such brittle thin separation, and stare each blow full in its muscularity. (488-491)

Episode 19: The voices are German. (492-505)

Episode 20: They come out into the last of the twilight. (505-518)

Episode 21: Here come Enzian, Andreas, and Christian, coming on like Smith, Klein, 'n' French, crashing into the basement room -field-gray kit, newspaper shoes, rolled trouser-cuffs, hands and bare forearms shining with motor oil and gear grease, toting carbines in a show of force. (518-525)

Episode 22: Here's the good Frau, leaning over Slothrop from way down at the foot of the bed: her eye bright and cocly as a parrot's, a big white boss eye cantilevered on ald prickly arms and legs, a bleck kerchief above the roll of her pompadour in mourning for all her Hanseatic dead, underneath heaving iron fleets, under waves of the Baltic keel-edged and gray, dead under the fleets of waves, the prairies of the sea. ... (525-532)

Episode 23: Where is the Pope whose staff will bloom for me? (532-536)

Episode 24:

Dear Mom, I put a couple of people in Hell today. ...
-Fragment, thought to be from
the Gospel of Thomas
(Oxyrhynchus papyrus number classified)

Episode 25: Fog thickens down the throats of the narrow gassen, (549-557)

Episode 26: YAAAGGGGGHHHH- Slothrop hefts his armload of coats, ready to throw them and flee, but the Major's just all smiles. (557-563)

Episode 27: The Schwarzkommano have got to Achtfacen, but Tchitcherine has been to Naerrisch. (563-566)

Episode 28: To Cuxhaven, the summer in deceleration, floating to Cuxhaven. (567-577)

Episode 29: Poekler does manage to tell a little about Laszlo Jamf, but keeps getting sidetracked off into talking about the movies, German movies Slothrop has never heard off, much less seen ... yes here's some kind of fanatical movie hound all right - "On D-Day,"he confesses, "when I heard General Eisenhower on the radio announcing the invasion of Normany, I thought it was really Clarke Gable, have you ever noticed? the voices are identical. ..." (577-580)

Episode 30: If that Lyle Bland hadn't joined the Masons, he'd still probably be up to those nefarious tricks of his. (580-591)

Episode 31: A windy night. (591-610)

Episode 32: So: he has traced Wissmann's battery from Holland, across the salt marshes and lupine and bones of cows, to find this. (610-616)