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Gravity's Rainbow

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Part Two. Un Perm´ au Casino Herman Goering (179-278)

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You will have the darkest, tallest leading man in Hollywood.
-Meriam C. Cooper to Fay Wray

Episode 1: This morning's streets are already clattering, near and far, with wood-soled civilian feet. (181-189)

Episode 2: From out at sea, the Casino at this hour is a blazing bijou at the horizon: its foil of palms already shadows in the dwindling light. (189-205)

Episode 3: Good mornings of good old lust, early shutters open to the sea, winds coming in with the heavy brushing of palm leaves, the wheezing break to surface and sun of porpoises out in the harbor. (205-226)

Episode 4: "Ordinarily in our behaviour, we react not singly, but complexly, to fit the ever present contents of our environment. (226-236)

Episode 5: The great cusp -green equinox and turning, dreaming fishes to young ram, watersleep to firewaking, bears down on us. (236-244)

Episode 6: Turns out that some merrymaker has earlier put in a hundred grams of hashish in the Hollandaise. (244-249)

Episode 7: Imipolex G has proved to be nothing more -or less- sinister than a new plastic, an aromatich heterocyclic polymer, developed in 1939, years before its time, by one L. Jamf for IG Farben, (249-269)

Episode 8: Mr. Pointsman has decided to spend Whitsun by the sea. (269-278)