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Gravity's Rainbow

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Part One. Beyond the Zero (1-177)

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Nature does not know extinction. All it knows is transformation. Everything science has taught me, and continues to teach me, strengthens my belief in the continuity of our spiritual existence after death.
- Wernher von Braun

Episode 1: A screaming comes across the sky. (3-7)

Episode 2: Across a blue tile patio, in through a door to the kitchen. (7-16)

Episode 3: Teddy Bloat’s on his lunch hour, but lunch today’ll be, ack, a soggy banana sandwich in wax paper, which he’s packing inside his stylish kan-garoohide musette bag and threaded around the odd necessities—midget spy camera, jar of mustache wax, tin of licorice, menthol and capsicum Meloids for a Mellow Voice, gold rim prescription sunglasses General MacArthur style, twin silver airbrushes each in the shape of the flaming SHAEF sword, which Mother had Garrard’s make up for him and which he considers exquisite. (17-19)

Episode 4: Wind has shifted around in the southwest, and the barometer's falling. (20-29)

Episode 5: On the wall, in an ornate fixture of darkening bronze, a gas jet burns, laminar and gently singing—adjusted to what scientists of the last century called a "sensitive flame": invisible at the base, as it issues from its orifice, fading upward into smooth blue light that hovers several inches above, a glimmering small cone that can respond to the most delicate changes in the room’s air pressure. (29-37)

Episode 6: They're bound eastward now, Roger peering over the wheel, hunched Dracula-style inside his Burberry. (37-42)

Episode 7: Tonight's quarry, whose name will be Vladimir (or Ilya, Sergei, Nikolai, depending on the doctor's whim), slinks carefully toward the cellar entrance. (42-47)

Episode 8: Inside St. Veronica's hospital, they sit together, just off the war-neurosis ward, these habitual evenings. (47-53)

Episode 9: Something's stalking through the city of Smoke -gathering up slender girls, fair and smooth as dolls, by the handful. (53-60)

Episode 10: TDY Abreaction Ward | St. Veronica's Hospital | Bonechapel Gate, E1 | Londen, England | Winter 1944 (60-71)

Episode 11: "Kryptosam" is a propietary form of stabilized tyrosine, developed by IG Farben as part of a research contract with OKW. (71-72)

Episode 12: In Germany, as the end draws upon us, the incessant walls read WAS TUST DIE FUER DIE FRONT, FUER DEN SIEG? WAS HASST DU HEUTE FUER DEUTSCHLAND GETAN? (72-83)

Episode 13: Better behave yourself or we'll send you back to Dr. Jamf! (83-92)

Episode 14: In silence, hidden from her, the camera follows as she moves deliberately nowhere longlegged about the rooms, an adolescent wideness and hunching to the shoulders, her hair not bluntly Dutch at all, but secured in a modish upsweep with an old, tarnished silver crown, yesterday's new perm leaving her very blonde hair frozen on top in a hundred vortices, shining through the dark filigree. (92-113)

Episode 15: It was very early morning. (114-120)

Episode 16: The very first touch: he'd be saying something mean, a bit of the usual Mexico self-reproach -ah you don't know me I'm really a bastard sort of thing -"No," she went to put her fingers to his lips, "don't say that... ." (120-136)

Episode 17: Paradoxical phase, when weak stimuli get strong responses. (136-144)

Episode 18: More and more, these days of angelic visit and communiqué, Caroll Eventyr feels a victim of his freak talent. (145-154)

Episode 19: They are shivering and hungry. (154-167)

Episode 20: Pumm, Easterling, Dromond, Lampllighter, Spectro are star's on the doctor's holiday tree. (167-174)

Episode 21: Inside the bowl, the two goldfish are making a Pisces sign, head-to-tail and very still. (174-177)