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A Rarely Updated Feature


April 2018

Forthcoming Publication

Ali Chetwynd, Joanna Freer, Giorgos Maragos

Contributors in chapter sequence: Me/Joanna/Yorgos (editors and intro); Molly Hite; Jen Backman; Kostas Kaltsas; Christopher Kocela; Doug Haynes; Marie Franco; Richard Moss; Simon Cook; Simon de Bourcier; Angus McFadzean; John Krafft/Luc Herman; one Jeff Severs; Catherine Flay; Inger Dalsgaard.

Dup Goevaers Illustrates The Crying of Lot 49

Combining several techniques, Dutch artist Dup Goevaers created 126 items, one for each page of The Crying of Lot 49!

June 2017

International Pynchon Week 2017: Pynchon's New Worlds (La Rochelle, France)

Check out the Conference web site. IPW 2017 takes place 5-9 June