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Thomas Pynchon (1937- ) : A Bibliography of Secondary Materials

Leyla Haferkamp

Editor, Special Issue

Hanjo Berressem Leyla Haferkamp. From Aachen to Zwölfkinder. Pynchon|Germany: Site-Specfic . Special issue of Pynchon Notes (2008).

Articles in Books

Articles in Journals

Berressem, Hanjo . Leyla Haferkamp. " Site-Specific: From Aachen to Zwölfkinder Pynchon/Germany." Pynchon Notes 54-55, Spring - Fall 2008 , 1-304.

Presentations during Conferences

Haferkamp, Leyla . " 'Particle or Wave?': The 'Function' of the Prairie in Against the Day." Against the Grain: Reading Pynchon's Counternarratives , 10-14 June 2008.