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Thomas Pynchon (1937- ) : A Bibliography of Secondary Materials

Hanjo Berressem

Author of Monograph

Berressem, Hanjo. Pynchon's Poetics: Interfacing Theory and Text. University of Illinois Press: Urbana, Illinois (1993). ISBN: 9780252019197 (273 pages).

Articles in Books

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Berressem, Hanjo. "'Draw the Line, Hit the Spot': Iscrizioni Culturali, Ferite Traumatiche e Multiplessità della Materia in Mason & Dixon." Giancarlo Alfano, Mattia Carratello (Ed.) : La dissoluzione onesta: Scritti su Thomas Pynchon, 153-187 (2003).

Berressem, Hanjo. "'Forward Retreat': Thomas Pynchon's Vineland." Bernd Engler, Kurt Mueller (Ed.) : Historiographic Metafiction in Modern American and Canadian Literature, 357-371 (1994).

Berressem, Hanjo. "'Of Metal Ducks, Embodied Idorus, and Autopoietic Bridges': Tales of an Intelligent Materialism in the Age of Artificial Life." Peter Freese, Charles Harris (Ed.) : The Holodeck in the Garden: Science and Technology in Contemporary American Fiction, 72-99 (2004).

Berressem, Hanjo. "'Vectors and [Eigen]Values': The Mathematics of Movement in Against the Day." Sascha Pöhlmann (Ed.) : Against the Grain: Reading Pynchon's Counternarratives, 349-368 (2010).

Berressem, Hanjo. "44. Critical Literature Review." Inger Dalsgaard (Ed.) : Pynchon in Context, 354-360 (2019).

Berressem, Hanjo. "Coda: How te Read Pynchon." Inger Dalsgaard, Luc Herman, Brian McHale (Ed.) : The Cambridge Companion to Thomas Pynchon, 168-177 (2012).

Berressem, Hanjo. "Digging for the Truth: Archaeology and the End of History." Geoffrey Davis (Ed.) : Crisis and Conflict: Essays on Southern African Literature, 117-131 (1990).

Berressem, Hanjo. Norbert Finzsch. "Historiographic Metafiction / Metafictional Historiography: The Mason & Dixon Project." Thomas Schaub (Ed.) : Approaches to Teaching The Crying of Lot 49 and Other Works by Thomas Pynchon, 121-129 (2008).

Berressem, Hanjo. "Life on the Beach: The Natural Elements in Thomas Pynchon's California Trilogy." Scott McClintock, John Miller (Ed.) : Pynchon's California, 35-65 (2014).

Berressem, Hanjo. "Threat and Crisis in Twenty-First-Century Pynchon." Joanna Freer (Ed.) : The New Pynchon Studies, 157-170 (2019).

Articles in Journals

Berressem, Hanjo. "A Short Note on Pynchon's Sources for 'The Firm'." Pynchon Notes 15, Fall 1984, 77-79.

Berressem, Hanjo. "Criticism & Pynchon & Mason & Dixon." Contemporary Literature Vol. 42.4, 2001, 834-841.

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Berressem, Hanjo. "Narrating Postmodern Spaces in Thomas Pynchon's Novel(s)." Working Paper , 1992, 52.

Berressem, Hanjo. "Serres Reads Pynchon/Pynchon Reads Serres." Postmodern Culture Vol. 11.3, May 2001, .

Berressem, Hanjo. "Site-Specific: Pynchon|Germany - A Multiplicity of Critical Eigenvalues." From Aachen to Zwölfkinder. Pynchon|Germany: Site-Specfic, Special Issue of Pynchon Notes 54-55, Spring - Fall 2008, 11-25.

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Berressem, Hanjo. "V. in Love: From the 'Other Scene' to the 'New Scene'." Pynchon Notes 18-19, Spring - Fall 1986, 5-28.

Berressem, Hanjo. "Where Has All the Theory Gone?: Review of The Vineland Papers." Pynchon Notes 30-31, Spring - Fall 1992, 210-213.

Berressem, Hanjo. "… without shame or concern for etymology: 11 September in Thomas Pynchon’s Bleeding Edge." EBR: Electronic Book Review , 3 August 2014, .

Dissertation of the Third Cycle

Hanjo Berressem. The Language of the Self and the Language of Society in the Works of Thomas Pynchon. Universität Aachen, Aachen, Germany, 1989.

Organiser of Conference

Hanjo Berressem. Pynchon | Germany: Site Specific: From Aachen to Zwölfkinder. Universität zu Köln, Cologne, Germany, 14-16 June 2002.

Presentations during Conferences

Berressem, Hanjo. John M Krafft. "." , 14-16 June 2002 (2002).

Berressem, Hanjo. "'Vectors and [Eigen]Values': The Mathematics of Movement in Against the Day." Against the Grain: Reading Pynchon's Counternarratives , 10-14 June 2008 (2008).

Berressem, Hanjo. "Strangely Attractive: The Topology of Psychic and Social Space in Vineland." , 19-20 November 1994 (1994).

Berressem, Hanjo. "Trauma in the Zone." Gravity's Rainbow: The First 25 Years , 8-9 June 1998 (1998).