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Against the Day

An Extended Table of Contents

Rue du Départ


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Chapter 70 (1065-1085) +

"... he would have asked you for my hand," Dally was saying, "being that sort of kid, but we couldn't have reached you even if we knew where you were... "[no capital]

70.2 (1068-1072) +

Back when they arrived in Torino, Kit had taken one look and felt right at home.

70.3 (1072-1073) +

One day there were children calling up from the street.

70.4 (1073-1073) +

One day climbing down out of Renzo's Caproni who should reappear from the olden days but Kit's old Yale classmate Colfax Vibe, who though now in his mid-thirties and offically too old, has hustled his way into the birdmen, as if to make up for his father's purchased deferral fifty years earlier.

70.5 (1073-1074) +

Faced with Austria's intention to take Venice and the Veneto, Italians resisted so fiercely that at last Kit was shamed into abandoning his engineer's neutrality, and began flying missions, sometimes crewing for Renzo, sometines alone.

70.6 (1074-1076) +

Crossing a sea newly perilous and contingent-no longer at the mercy of unknown longitude or unforeseen tempests but of U-boats, the terror of a crossing having now passed from God to the German navy, Reef, Stray and Ljubica returned to the U.S. pretending to be Italian immigrants.

70.7 (1076-1077) +

For a while they were up in the redwoods, and then for a little longer in a town in the Kitsap Peninsula, up in the last corner of the U.S. map, and after this it would have to be Alaska or B.C.

70.8 (1077-1083) +

"'Soir, Dally ."

70.9 (1083-1084) +

"Look at 'em down there."
"All that light."
"All that dancing."

70.10 (1084-1085) +

One day Heartsease discovers that she's expecting a baby, and then, like a canonical part-song, the other girls one by one announce that they are, too.