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Against the Day
Table of Contents

Against the Day

An Extended Table of Contents

Compiled by Monte Davis, December, 2006

This table lists Against the Day's 70 "chapters" —blocks beginning on a new page with a large gray capital letter. Within each of those, the table assigns a decimal to each shorter block beginning with a two-line break and small capitals.

Monte used for this Table of Contents the first edtion, Viking/Penguin, 2006, hardcover (ISBN13: 978-1-59420-120-X)

The Light over the Ranges (chapter 1-10, pp. 1-118)
Iceland Spar (chapter 11-31, pp. 119-428)
Bilocations (chapter 32-49, pp. 429-694)
Against the Day (chapter 50-69, pp. 695-1062)
Rue du Départ (chapter 70, pp. 1063-1085)
Thank you!

Monte Davis is a regular contributor to the Thomas Pynchon discussion list and kindly granted authorisation to make this extended table of contents published on this site.

(July 2007) Douglas Lannark, author of 5 Pynchon articles (all available at Otto Sell's excellent web site) noted 5 errors: 3 of these were related to lay out inconsistency, 2 were incorrect page numbers. Thank you, Douglas!