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Against the Day

Against the Day

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Please check the Secundary Bibliography for a more complete overview of Against the Day resources.


Against the Day, Audio Edition

Audio Edition

  1. Charles Hollander. "Pynchon's Juvenilia and Against the Day". Presented during the first conference on Against the Day by G.R.A.A.T., Tours, France: June, 1st, 2007.
  2. Charles Hollander. "Pynchon, Satire and the Moral Instinct: Globalization Invites Global Satire". Text of the lecture presented during Against the Grain: Reading Pynchon's Counternarratives , Munich, Germany: June 10-14 2008.
  3. Monte Davis. Against the Day: An Extended Table of Contents. (December 2006). This static ToC has been migrated to a database
  4. Paul Nightingale. Reading Against the Day, Section by Section (2007-2014).
  5. A short radio broadcast
  6. Abstracts of the papers presented during the Against the Grain International Pynchon Week, Munich, June 2008.
  7. A comparison between the publisher's text on Tantor, publisher of the Against the Day audio edition, and the actual text in the inside cover.


  1. Tim Ware's [et alii] Pynchonwiki on Against the Day.
  2. Otto Sell's weblinks: in German and in English, as well as Otto's scene guide.
  3. Chumps of Choice: a blogged reading of Against the Day.
  4. Matt Mc Laurine's Concordance of Characters in Against the Day (Excel spreadsheet).