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Thomas Pynchon (1937- ) : A Bibliography of Secondary Materials


  1. Rainbow Quest of Thomas Pynchon
  2. Rewriting the Dream : Reflections on the Changing American Literary Canon
  3. Reconstructing American Literary History
  4. Reading Matters : Narrative in the New Media Ecology
  5. Reading the Canon : Literary History in the 21st Century
  6. Repetitions : The Postmodern Occasion in Literature and Culture
  7. Reading Style : A Life in Sentences
  8. Reading Without Maps? Cultural Landmarks in a Post-Canonical Age : A Tribute to Gilbert De Busscher
  9. Reconstructing American Literary and Historical Studies
  10. Rethinking Postmodernism(s) : Charles S. Peirce and the Pragmatist Negotiations of Thomas Pynchon, Toni Morrison, and Jonathan Safran Foer
  11. Readings from the New Book on Nature : Physics and Metaphysics in the Modern Novel
  12. Regards croisés sur l'expérience en sciences de l'homme et de la société
  13. Reading Contexts
  14. Representation and the Twentieth-Century Novel : Studies in Gorky, Joyce and Pynchon
  15. Reflections on Ethical Values in Post Modern American Literature
  16. Reminiscence and Re-Creation in Contemporary American Fiction
  17. Regression and Apocalypse : Studies in North American Literary Expressionism
  18. Readers and Mythic Signs : The Oedipus Myth in Twentieth-Century Fiction
  19. Reflections of Nazism : An Essay on Kitsch and Death
  20. Romanzi di Finisterre : Narrazione della guerra e problemi del realismo
  21. Romantic Postmodernism in American Fiction
  22. The Ruins of Urban Modernity : Thomas Pynchon's Against the Day
  23. The Renewal of Literature : Emersonian Reflections
  24. Theories of Play and Postmodern Fiction
  25. The Realist Fantasy : Fiction and Reality Since Clarissa
  26. The Role of the Mythic West in Some Representative Examples of Classic and Modern American Literature : The Shaping Force of the American Frontier
  27. The Reality Effect : Film Culture and the Graphic Imperative


  1. Raritan
  3. Representations
  4. Review
  5. Review of Contemporary Fiction
  6. Readerly/Writerly Texts
  7. Revista de estudios hispanicos
  8. Revue des Langues Vivantes
  9. Revista de Occidente
  10. Renascence
  11. Revue française d'études américaines
  12. Reconstruction
  13. Revista Canaria de Estudios Ingleses
  14. Resources for American Literary Study
  15. Revista de Filología y Lingüística
  16. Revista de Estudios Norteamericanos
  17. Research Studies
  18. Revista Mexicana de Ciencias Politicas y Sociales
  19. Recherches anglaises et américaines
  20. Religion and Literature
  21. Readerly/Writerly Texts : Essays on Literary, Composition, and Pedagogical Theory
  22. Revue belge de philologie et d'histoire
  23. Rhizomes : Cultural Studies in Emerging Knowledge
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  26. Rivista di studi anglo-americani
  27. Rivista di Letterature Moderne e Comparate
  28. Rocky Mountain Review of Language and Literature


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