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Thomas Pynchon (1937- ) : A Bibliography of Secondary Materials


  1. An Introduction to Contemporary American Fiction
  2. Ideas of Order in Literature and Film : Selected Papers from the Fourth Annual Florida State University Conference on Literature and Film
  3. Ideas of Order in the Novels of Thomas Pynchon
  4. Immanence and Transcendence in Thomas Pynchon's Mason & Dixon : A Phenomenological Study
  5. Immortal Monster : The Mythological Evolution of the Fantastic Beast in Modern Fiction and Film
  6. Images and Ideas in American Culture : The Functions of Criticism [Essays in memory of Philip Rahv]
  7. Images of Central Europe in Travelogues and Fiction by North American Writers
  8. Imagination (Un)Limited : Zum Stellenwert manieristischer Traditionen in amerikanischer Prosa der Postmoderne
  9. Images of Africa : Stereotypes and Realities
  10. Immanence and Contradiction : Recent Essays on the Artistic Device
  11. Informal Empire? : Cultural Relations Between Canada, the United States and Europe
  12. Intersections : Fantasy and Science Fiction
  13. Intertextuality and Contemporary American Fiction
  14. Information Multiplicity : American Fiction in the Age of Media Saturation
  15. In/Animations : Die Medien in den Romanen von Thomas Pynchon
  16. Instructor's Guide for The Heath Anthology of American Literature
  17. Insistence of the Material : Literature in the Age of Biopolitics
  18. Individual and Community : Variations on a Theme in American Fiction
  19. Individual and Community in Commonwealth Literature
  20. The Imperial Archive : Knowledge and the Fantasy of Empire
  21. The Image of the Twentieth Century in Literature, Media, and Society


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