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Thomas Pynchon (1937- ) : A Bibliography of Secondary Materials


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  2. Failed Frontiersmen : White Men and Myth in the Post-Sixties American Historical Romance
  3. Faces of Fiction : Essays on American Literature and Culture from the Jacksonian Period to Postmodernity
  4. Fabulation and Metafiction
  5. Fantasi med Realism : Om nutida utl
  6. Face à Pynchon
  7. Faulkner : After the Nobel Prize
  8. Fascism, Aesthetics, and Culture
  9. Fable's End : Completeness and Closure in Rhetorical Fiction
  10. Fiction of the Modern Grotesque
  11. Fiction, Crime, and Empire : Clues to Modernity and Postmodernism
  12. Fictional Labyrinths of Thomas Pynchon
  13. Figures of Belatedness : Postmodernist Fiction in English
  14. Fictional Minds
  15. Fissions and Fusions : Proceedings of the First Conference of the Cape American Studies Association, 4 July 1996
  16. Fiction in the Quantum Universe
  17. Figuring Poesis : A Mythical Geometry of Postmodernism
  18. Fiction and Events : Essays in Criticism and Literary History
  19. Fire and Power : The American Space Program as Postmodern Narrative
  20. Fiction and the Fiction Industry
  21. Flights from Realism : Themes and Strategies in Postmodernist British and American Fiction
  22. Four Postwar American Novelists : Bellow, Mailer, Barth and Pynchon
  23. Form as Content and Rhetoric in the Modern Novel
  24. Forms of the American Imagination : Beitrage zur neueren amerikanischen Literatur
  25. Fragmented Urban Images : The American City in Modern Fiction from Stephen Crane to Thomas Pynchon
  26. From Apocalypse to Entropy and Beyond : The Second Law of Thermodynamics in Post-War American Fiction
  27. From the Civil War to the Apocalypse : Postmodern History and American Fiction
  28. Futur*Fall : Excursions into Post-Modernity
  29. The Fate of Reading and Other Essais
  30. The Fiction of Postmodernity
  31. The Female Hero in American and British Literature
  32. The Fl
  33. The Faust Legend in Music and Literature. Vol. 2
  34. The Flying Machine and Modern Literature


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