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Thomas Pynchon (1937- ) : A Bibliography of Secondary Materials

William B. Millard

Articles in Books

Millard, William B. "Delineations of Madness and Science: Mason & Dixon, Pynchonian Space and the Snovian Disjunction." Ian Copestake (Ed.) : American Postmodernity: Essays on the Recent Fiction of Thomas Pynchon, 83-127 (2003).

Millard, William B. "Pynchon's Coast: Inherent Vice and the Twilight of the Spatially Specific." Scott McClintock, John Miller (Ed.) : Pynchon’s California, 65-90 (2014).

Articles in Journals

Dissertation of the Third Cycle

William B. Millard. American Nonfoundationalism's Triple Play: Emerson to Twain to Pynchon. Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey, United States, (2000): DAI 61, 2303A.