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Thomas Pynchon (1937- ) : A Bibliography of Secondary Materials

Dwight Eddins

Author of Monograph

  1. Eddins, Dwight. The Gnostic Pynchon. Indiana University Press: Bloomington, Indiana (1990). ISBN: 0-253319072 (173 pages).

Articles in Books

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  1. Eddins, Dwight. "Probing the Nihil: Existential Gnosticism in Pynchon's Stories." Harold Bloom (Ed.) : Thomas Pynchon, 169-195 (2003).

Articles in Journals

  1. Eddins, Dwight. "Orphic Contra Gnostic: Religious Conflict in Gravity's Rainbow." Modern Language Quarterly Vol. 45.2, 1984, 163-190.
  2. Eddins, Dwight. "Paradigms Reclaimed: The Language of Science in Gravity's Rainbow." Markham Review Vol. 12.4, 1983, 77-80.
  3. Eddins, Dwight. "The Figure in the Carpet Bombing: Pynchon's Patterns of Chaos." Review 10, 1988, 155–169.